The Googly Hat Takes ConBravo! (2/?)

(L to R) 

  • Doug Walker: also known as the Nostalgia Critic, this was taken at his Sunday Morning signing on the final day of the Con. I just missed the last copy of To Boldly Flee he had with him, so he took this photo and signed an extra item for me. I guess the disappointment was plain on my face.
  • Lewis Lovhaug: also known as Linkara, and the story behind this was kinda cool. Me and my friends were in line for the Chez Apocalypse panel on the Saturday and Lewis came by wondering where he could find food in Hamilton. After taking this photo me and one of my other friends guided him through Jackson Square to McDonalds. We got to chat with Lewis for a bit as well as remain first in line for the Panel.
  • Todd Nathanson : also known as Todd in the Shadows, this was taken on the saturday AFTER the Chez Apocalypse panel. For the second year in a row, I got to see Todd’s face (but I shall not divulge any details… I will keep the mystery alive) and he took this kind of adorable photo in the hat
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